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Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager

”We were seeking a 3rd party certification exam to supplement our Advanced HACCP
training course. By providing an exam tailored to the food processing industry with
options for delivery in both English and Spanish, National Registry has given
my business a credible and convenient option.”
-Tatiana Lorca, Ph.D., Ecolab

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals developed the
Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager Examination to measure
the level of food safety comprehension of workers in the retail
and manufacturing industry who must follow HACCP plans. This certification is intended for workers in facilities such as food manufacturing, processing plants, food packing, and warehouses storing food for human consumption.

A Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager should be able to perform the following functions: Conducting preliminary activities, conducing hazard analyses, establishing detailed control measures, conducting verification activities, conducting operational implementation activities, and conducting continuous improvement activities.

Because HACCP is a management system that touches raw material production, procurement and handling, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of food, National Registry worked with a global team of food safety experts to link HACCP principles in the development of an examination that would comprehensively address the HACCP system within that wide range of organizations.

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