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Becoming a Test Administrator/Proctor

The Test Administrator/Proctor is responsible for ordering examinations, making sure examinations are kept in a secure location, checking the IDs of each examinee administering the examination in an appropriate setting, and returning the examinations and completed answer sheets to National Registry for scoring.

To become a registered Test Administrator/Proctor with National Registry, complete the following:

  • Read the Test Administrator/Proctor Manual.
  • Read the instructions on how to enroll for Test Administrator/Proctor training.
  • Click here to complete the online Test Administrator/Proctor training.
  • Complete, sign and submit the Test Administrator/Proctor Agreement Form. A copy of government issued identification must be included.
  • Complete the reference section of the reference/billing form by documenting three references. At least two of these references must be from individuals who have known you for more than one year.
  • Complete the billing section of the reference/billing form.
  • If you have taken the Food Safety Manager Certification Exam within a year of the date you submit the new application, your application will be placed on hold for 6 months.

Examination Test Administrator/Proctor Application

Authorize.Net Merchant - Click to Verify

Examination Test Administrator/Proctor New Account Application - Use this link to establish your account and become a Test Administrator/Proctor
***Please complete this online form in one sitting to eliminate duplicate information being sent. This will take approximately 15-30 minutes***

Examination Test Administrator/Proctor Application - Use this link to become a Test Administrator/Proctor with an already established account or company
***Please complete this online form in one sitting to eliminate duplicate information being sent. This will take approximately 15 minutes***

Account Update Form - Use this form to update shipping or billing information

Agreement form for Proctors, Readers and Translators 

National Registry fulfills examination orders, scores the examinations, enters the examinees' results in its database, and mails certificates to the examinees or to the trainer. National Registry's proprietary database also offers Test Administrators/Proctors access to their examinee information to review pass rates, certificate issue dates and more.

Please contact Customer Service at 800-446-0257 or for more information.