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Examination Blue Print

Content Outline # of Questions
Preventing Contamination and Cross-Contamination 15
Protect food packaging and food contact surfaces from contamination 4
Verify there is no bare-hand contact for ready-to-eat foods 3
Ensure that food is stored properly 4
Monitor "foot traffic" of non-essential staff in food preparation areas 1
Dispose of wastes 3
Ensuring Personal Hygiene and Employee Health 14
Execute employee health policies 3
Ensure proper hand washing and hygiene 3
Monitor employee behaviors related to smoking, eating, and drinking 3
Ensure proper glove use 3
Ensure proper storage of employee personal belongings (medicines, etc.) 2
Actively Managing Controls in a Food Establishment 13
Implement a food safety plan 2
Train the food establishment staff (new, reassigned, refresher training) 2
Recognize a foodborne illness 2
Develop a food allergen plan 2
Ensure regulatory compliance of your establishment 3
Implement a crisis management plans 2
Monitoring the Flow of Foods 10
Purchase and receive products 2
Store and display food products 2
Serve foods or manage the self-service of foods 2
Manage the transportation and delivery of food (for example, satellite kitchen) 2
Monitor foods while they are being prepared 2
Ensuring Product Time and Temperature 11
Maintain temperature measuring devices (thermometers) 3
Manage food product time and temperatures controls 8
Conducting Cleaning and Sanitizing 9
Develop cleaning and sanitizing procedures 3
Store and maintain cleaning and sanitizing materials, tools and products 3
Conduct cleaning and sanitizing procedures in the establishment 3
Managing the Physical Facility Design and Maintenance 5
Develop plans for facility design and maintenance 1
Maintain water supply and waste disposal systems 1
Maintain adequate ventilation 1
Maintain lighting on food preparation and storage areas 1
Obtain and maintain equipment and supplies 1
Preventing and Controlling Pests (Insects/Rodents) 3
Implement pest control prevention 3
Total Number of Questions on Examination 80