We know that your company is committed to producing safe food. By taking this anonymous survey and by providing your honest, open, and confidential opinion, you have an opportunity to help better understand the state of your company’s food safety culture, protect your brand, and your customers.

We are seeking your feedback on a variety of food safety processes. We would like you to rate your food safety culture on the following areas:

  • Expectations: Food safety expectations clearly defined for employees.
  • Training & Education: Employees are provided with the training and education needed to understand how to produce food safely
  • Communication: The company and its leaders effectively and frequently communicate the importance of food safety.
  • Goals and Measurements: Your work area has clear food safety goals and measures in place to improve food safety performance.
  • Consequences: Your work area celebrates good food safety performable and corrects poor performance.

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Please rate each of the following questions in this survey. To enter your rating, select one of the buttons numbered 1 through 5 where 1 equals “strongly disagree” and 5 equals “strongly agree.”

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National Registry has been instrumental in helping Taylor Farms Florida enhance our food safety culture by ensuring our supervisory team understands and speaks the language of food safety best practices.

Vanessa Cranford, Taylor Farms Florida

Introducing the New NRFSP Food Safety Culture Index

In today’s world of enhanced food safety detection and reporting, companies want to ensure they go beyond traditional food safety management. They want to know that their organizations have a Food Safety Culture. Yet despite the increased use of the term “Food Safety Culture” and the growing realization of the role organizational culture plays in influencing human behavior, there remain gaps in a more science-based approach to this topic based on insights from the behavioral science field, concepts of organizational culture, and the use of proven and effective measurement tools.

The Food Safety Culture Index from National Registry of Food Safety Professionals is a new, innovative, and tested tool designed to measure and advance the food safety culture discussion in your organization from a mere awareness exercise or slogan to proven strategies used by advanced practitioners on topics related to culture measurements, proven principles of human behavior, and real world industry best practices.

How it Works

The Food Safety Culture Index is a series of simple-to-read and understand questions designed around the key elements of an effective Food Safety Culture as listed in the first and most cited text on the subject, Food Safety Culture, Creating a Behavior Based Food Safety Management System by Frank Yiannas (2009). The survey questions have been validated by National Registry’s psychometric professionals, and they cover the key elements of an effective Food safety Culture outlined in Yiannas’s book including Expectations, Training & Education, Communication, Goals & Measurements, and Consequences.

Survey questions are anonymously rated by employees using a 5-point Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree) and reported as an average score for the site and company. Demographic data (geography, position held, years of service, etc.) can be captured as requested in advance of answering survey questions to assist in identifying trends by unique attributes important to your company. The survey has been designed so that it can be administered to employees by a variety of easy-to-use mediums (paper, smart phone, tablet, or desktop) and it only takes minutes to complete.

Survey results are presented as average scores by question and section. Survey questions and overall results are also compared to an industry benchmark score, along with recommendations on the actions you can take to improve scores in areas of opportunity and further strengthen your food safety culture.

Companies can take the survey on an annual basis or at the frequency desired to ensure they are making progress in maintaining and strengthening a world-class food safety culture, as assessed against a Food Safety Culture Maturity Model.

The Food Safety Culture Index from National Registry of Food Safety Professionals is the only food safety culture survey that can claim to be used by some of the world’s leading food safety brands. It also has the added benefit of being based on the work of Frank Yiannas, VP for Global Brands, Past President of the International Association for Food Protection, and considered one of the founders of the field food safety culture.

In today’s world, ensuring food safety is critical to ensuring continued business success. Food safety can’t wait. Call us now at 888-352-3830 to learn more about the Food Safety Culture Index and help your company get started now.