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To ensure compliance with the standards outlined by ASTM E2659-09, the following changes have been made to National Registry’s First Principles for Food Handlers certificate program.

New Approved Program Provider Agreement and Confidentiality Form

The agreements have been updated and/or clarified to reflect all of the requirements of the ASTM standard. We require that all current Approved Program Providers read through and agree to them. You will not be approved to order new materials without a new agreement on file.


New Approved Program Provider Manual

This newly created manual outlines all of the relevant policies and procedures for administration of this program. Topics covered include:

  • Your Role as an Approved Program Provider
  • General Roles and Responsibilities
  • How to Handle Security Violations
  • Obtaining Materials
  • Damaged Shipments
  • Secure Storage
  • ADA Special Needs
  • Training and Examination Protocol
  • Dealing with Suspected Dishonesty
  • Returning Examination Materials
  • Receiving Results

This manual must be read and understood by all Approved Program Providers.


New Scantron Answer Sheet and Assessment Scoring System

In an effort to improve the security of the assessment as well as our ability to collect and maintain data surrounding the scoring of the assessment, we are transitioning to a Scantron answer sheet. This is the same system used in our Food Manager Certification exam.

Once this policy is in effect, you will no longer be responsible for scoring assessments or distributing certificates. Candidates will complete the Scantron bubble sheet with their personal information and answers, you will collect the sheets and mail them back to National Registry, and we will scan the sheets and send out certificates to passing candidates. Failing candidates will receive a notice of failure, and you will receive a report with the results for the entire class.

New Certificate Delivery System

Once the new Scantron answer sheet system is live, certificates will no longer be included in the materials and provided on site.

National Registry will send examination results within two weeks after the date of receipt of the examination materials. Results will be sent to either the Approved Program Provider or Candidates, whichever option was selected on the Food Handler Examination Return Envelope.

Approved Program Providers will receive a report indicating the Candidate Results that includes the Candidate’s Name, Exam Date, and Score via email once the results have been scored.


As of May 1, 2018, ALL Approved Program Providers MUST complete the following requirements:

  • Read the new Approved Program Provider Manual in its entirety [Download]
  • Submit an Approved Program Provider Application and provide required documentation¬†[View]

If you have any questions, contact our customer service at customer.service@nrfsp.com or 800-446-0257.