Build a strong team with fast, easy, affordable training and certification exams for Food Managers and Food Handlers. Certified Food Managers and Certified Food Handlers help keep customers safe and happy – and can help your business thrive. The best part? Training and certification is simple.

Foodborne illnesses cost food service businesses billions every year in lost revenue, legal fees, lawsuits, and brand damage. Yet many outbreaks can be avoided by preventative measures that cost far less than a single outbreak.

(Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health report, April 2018)

National Registry is an ANSI-accredited certification provider known for outstanding customer service and effective, flexible training and exam options. We specialize in training and certification exams customized for grocery and convenience store managers with scenarios and terminology industry staff will understand. Our training and exam options are: Efficient Affordable Engaging Multilingual Flexible Customizable Consistent And, if you ever have questions or need help – our renowned Customer Care team is here for you with a fast response.

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Ready to build your career skills or empower your team for success? Preparing for an exam, or getting your staff ready to take the exam, is simple and fast. And don’t worry, our training is designed to help you learn easily and remember – plus our training and exam options are designed to fit tight budgets and busy lifestyles.

  • Need to certify staff quickly after an outbreak? We’re here to help.
  • Need to get certified fast for employment? You’re in the right place.
  • Want to build career skills? You can do it.
  • Want to build a top-notch team? We’ve got what you need.
  • Want affordable options for training a seasonal or high-churn work force? We’ve got you covered.
  • Need to train and certify multilingual staff? No problem.
  • Have questions or a special circumstance? Just give us a call.

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Food Manager

For restaurant and commercial food service managers, wait staff, chefs, bartenders, hosts and hostesses, students, cooks, and shift leaders.

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Grocery Manager

For grocery store general, department, and category managers, baristas, cashiers, front end associates, and food service clerks.

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Food Handler

For food handlers, supervisors, servers, suppliers, culinary students, food demonstrators, and volunteers.

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