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Trusted expertise and industry-leading customer service

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) is an ANSI-accredited certification provider of grocery manager certification and food handler certificates.

With industry-leading customer service, flexible training and exam options, competitive pricing, and customizable portals and reporting National Registry is the solution for any company looking to create or enhance their food safety culture.

We specialize in certification exams for grocery managers with scenarios and terminology relevant to workers in each industry.


National Registry of Food Safety Professionals is an ANSI-Accredited Certificate Issuer – Accreditation #0656 for Food Safety Manager Certification Exams and Accreditation #1039 for Food Handler Certificates.

The National Registry certification program has been extremely helpful to us in improving our overall certification results.


Exam Options

Food Manager Exam

For restaurant and commercial food service managers, wait staff, chefs, bartenders, hosts and hostesses, students, cooks, shift leaders

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Grocery Manager Exam

For grocery store general manager, store manager, department manager, category managers, barista, cashier, front end associate, food service clerk

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Food Handler Certificate

For food handlers, supervisors, servers, suppliers, culinary students, food demonstrators, volunteers

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Administrator / Proctor

For those responsible for the secure administration of the print and online food manager certifications from National Registry.

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