Approved Food Handler Providers

Offer Food Handler Training

Purchase First Principles for Food Handlers training materials to offer the program in a classroom setting. Program materials are available to any approved school, government, corporation or training company. To offer food handler training in Arizona, California, Illinois, New Mexico or Texas, you must be an Approved Program Provider.




Program Providers must submit documentation every three years to maintain Approved status. In order to be approved as a Program Provider for the National Registry’s First Principles for Food Handlers Program, you must:

  • Provide information relating to your food safety and/or training experience
  • Possess and maintain a valid Food Manager Certification from an ANSI-accredited provider. When your certification expires, you are expected to send National Registry your new certificate
  • Incorporate coursework within a logical sequence and follow the Intended
  • Learning Outcomes as provided by National Registry
  • Have the resources (facility, human, financial) needed to effectively offer the program

Classroom Agreements

Approved Program Providers agree that they will:

  • Communicate information related to program procedure and rules to Candidates before the start of the course and assessment.
  • Provide each Candidate with an equal opportunity to take the program and pass the assessment by applying the general principles of fairness and equality relative to a Candidate’s age, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, disabilities, or marital status.
  • Provide adequate facilities and staffing to administer the program.
  • Check each Candidate for valid government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, passport, or military ID).
  • Remove the certificate from the back of the book prior to distributing materials.
  • Reward certificates to passing Candidates only.
  • Return all unused certificates from failed candidates to National Registry.
  • Maintain practices consistent with these guidelines provided by National Registry, which are pursuant to ASTM International E2659-09, “Standard Practice for Certificate Programs.”
  • Teach the Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers curriculum, understanding that use of other materials is acceptable, but the Intended Learning Outcomes must be covered.

Administrative Agreements

Approved Program Providers agree that they will:

  • Submit the Candidate Score Form and Feedback Form electronically (via email or fax) to National Registry after each course and assessment.
  • Submit to unannounced visits by National Registry.
  • Provide any and all training materials used during the program upon request from National Registry.
  • Provide updated documentation (business documents, food manager certification, etc.) every three years or as requested.
  • Remain in good financial standing with National Registry.

Confidentiality Agreements

Approved Program Providers agree that they will:

  • safeguard the privacy of Candidates by holding in confidence and in a secure manner the information obtained in the course of certificate activities.
  • use secure fax and email procedures and shred any documentation once finished with it. I will store all original documents in a secure area.
  • not disclose or cause to be disclosed to anyone outside of National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, its committees, instructors, or staff any confidential information related to any certificate candidate or certificate holder. This obligation shall apply at all times and in any circumstance, unless otherwise directed by National Registry or when required by law, and said obligation shall survive after my program provider agreement terminates.
  • keep confidential information within my possession in a safe and secure place, and will take all reasonable steps to protect against inadvertent disclosure or theft of the information. If I discover a breach of security, I will immediately contact National Registry and relay complete and detailed information regarding the incident.
  • Upon the completion or termination of my program provider agreement, promptly return to National Registry any confidential information relating to the certificate program, including any Candidate Score that may be outstanding.
  • not participate in any activity, either as volunteer or for pay, in which there may be a conflict of interest relative to National Registry certificate programs. I will bring potential conflicts of interest situations to the attention of National Registry for interpretation and guidance.


Any changes to the certificate program purpose, scope, intended learning outcomes or requisites will be listed here along with the effective dates of changes.

No such changes have been made yet.

Current Approved Program Providers

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