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Food Safety Manager certification and Food Safety Handler training for busy schedules.

When your employees have their Food Safety Manager Certification or Food Handler Certificate, it protects your customers and your business.

The major difference between outbreak and non-outbreak restaurants was the presence of a CFPM.

According to a 2013 -2014 FDA investigation into the relationship between Certified Food Protection Managers (CFPM) and the occurrence of risk factors and food safety.

Get staff certified quickly

Flexible Food Safety Manager training options include:

Exams developed especially for Grocery and Convenience Store Staff

National Registry offers industry-specific certifications for Grocery and Convenience Store Food Safety Managers. Our certifications and training are developed with scenarios and terminology that grocery and convenience store employees will understand.

Streamlined self-study courses

Your managers can order training materials in English or Spanish and study at their convenience. We’ll give them a voucher to take a certification exam at a computer testing center near them.

Online training for your Food Managers and Food Handlers

We offer clear and comprehensive training for your Food Managers based on the latest edition of the FDA Food Code and written at basic reading and writing levels. Your Food Handlers can take a training course online, and then take the assessment course right after to get their certificate.

Robust network of local trainers and testers

Want to train in person? Access our broad network of trainers who will come to your business to train your employees and/or hold sessions in your area.

“Having a CFPM present at all hours of operation enhances food safety management systems and reduces the number of out-of-compliance food safety behaviors and practices.”

FDA Report on the Occurrence of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Fast Food and Full-Service Restaurants 2013-2014

Cost-effective for high turnover and tight budgets

National Registry’s training and certification options are affordable in order to accommodate the natural churn in the industry, and fit in tight operating budgets.

User-friendly Food Safety Manager and Food Safety Handler Certification testing

Our certification exams are designed for low frustration and high success for you and your staff.

Convenient online or in-person testing in multiple languages

Exams are available online in English or Spanish while an approved NRFSP test administrator supervises the process.

Your managers can also take the exam at quiet, distraction-free Pearson VUE Testing Center. You can purchase vouchers for your staff or have them go online, find a testing center close to their home, and schedule a time for themselves.

Paper-and-pencil exams available in English, Spanish, Korean, Modern Chinese and Traditional Chinese

Industry-leading customer service

Unlike other training and certification programs, we have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer your questions. No robots, no long hold times, no sending questions into a black hole. We’re real people who are dedicated to helping your people and your business succeed.

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